PLACEText: Justin Tsui

“Young, hip and innovative” are the impression that I get from the fashion-forward brands, Pedder Red. Its first flagship store now landed in Hong Kong and located in Wellington Street at Central, which has become a popular spot for the trendy kids.

Pedder Red Flagship Store

The new flagship store is modern and sophisticated at the same time. The well-known architectural firm, Neri & Hu Design Research Office (NHDRO) designed this space with a unique concept, which revolves around one bold insertion – the stained-oak wooden box that stands vertically through two stories of the store. This structure creates a strong visual identity and dominates the boutique with wooden weaving. Various punched openings in the box surface expose a red world inside, which filled with fashionable shoes.

Pedder Red Flagship Store

Fashionista will be drowned in the wide range special collections in the flagship store. Besides the signature Pedder Red’s line, the store carries some cutting-edge brands and exciting names in the world.

Brands like Spitfire from Britain, for example. Its vintage-inspired eyewear is a popular choice amongst the fashion savvy. Australian brand UGG’s signature fleece-lined boot with camouflage print and softer ruched wool are also the hot item for the season. To complete the winter wardrobe, N2 from Paris would be a good choice. The hand-made quirky line includes Pac-Man necklaces and “Game Over” pin. The famous Dr. Martens is now having this limited style called “Make your own Dr. Martens”, which only produces 100 pairs worldwide and Pedder Red carries 10 of them this season. Lastly, the Wellington Limited Edition pouches, totes and ballerinas are something you would like to take a look of and they are exclusive in the flagship store.

Pedder Red Flagship Store

From the space to the products, Pedder Red flagship store showcases the brand’s love affair with all things fashionable. In addition, Pedder Red now has 16 stores throughout Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpus. As the business keeps on growing, it is obvious to see people do love the flavor of this trendy chain store.

Pedder Red Flagship Store
Address: 64-66 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2118 3712

Text: Justin Tsui
Photos: Justin Tsui

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