PLACEText: Shinobu Koike

Nowadays, it’s not hard to see and hear something relating to Japan and/or Japanese fashion, trend and overall culture in HK. Some people are just chasing after so called Japanese trend, others are going much farther like reading “GARO”. Since many of Hong Kong youths have grown up with watching Japanese TV programs such as animations, Ultraman and other dramas, this move which they interest in and absorb Japanese trends and cultures seems natural to happen. With reflecting this move or not, a fashion and goods building called “Chic no Ho” (literally means small castle of chic) has been opened at Mongkok.

Most of shops in this building are quite small and deal in Japanese kind of products such as clothes, accessories, cosmetics appeared on Japanese magazines “Zipper”, “Cutie” and etc. Of course, there are many Japanese brands shops have run their businesses in HK however they tend to be high class and/or price. Therefore those youths who are keen on the trend check these small shops to find their favourite things. There is even a shop sells various Japanese junior and high Schools training wears with a school name and individual student name embroidered on. And VCD shops, the must item for this kind of place in HK, carry some Japanese TV dramas. By the way, a magazine named “MAG Paper” contains information about Japanese TV dramas, so called “Trendy Drama” for every issues.

Chic no Ho
Address: 602-608 Nathan Rd., Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Text: Shinobu Koike

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