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PLACEText: Naoko Kawaguchi

Located in a quiet fashion area out from Kotto-dori in Aoyama Tokyo, Italian apparel brand Diesel opened their new store Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama in September 2007. Previously located in Daikanyama, the store exists only in Tokyo and New York exclusively around the world.

Disel Denim Gallery Aoyama

A stylish two-story building… Hanging up a shop concept as “Denims are displayed as art works”, the store is where you can find limited items that are also called Diesel Denim Gallery Collection, the most prestigious items of Diesel brand. It also places gallery spaces for in-store installations and art exhibitions, featuring different artists each time on both 1st and 2nd floor.

Beyond fashions, Diesel brand has positively been engaging in artist support for another field of creative area like art, graphic and music etc. Let’s introduce here with this cool and ingenious store overview this time.

Disel Denim Gallery Aoyama

On the 1st floor, there are the most prestige Men’s/Ladies’ items, which are displayed just as art works, from Diesel Denim Gallery Collection. Interior design was done by their in-house interior design team in Italy. Popular denim jeans are hanging from the ceiling by the one like a leather belt randomly, and wood stepladder for painting use perhaps is put on the floor to display bags or accessories. All these are really fitting in well with whole in store design.

Disel Denim Gallery Aoyama

At the center of the 1st floor, Installation work “Once Night Falls” by Hirofu Iso/Komainu is exhibiting as an opening exhibition (Until January 20, 2008). It is a focus of “Event that happens in the darkness at night”, and innumerableness insects are in the chains that are suspended from the ceiling.

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