THINGSText: Yurie Hatano

Not only about fashion, DIESEL also creates lifestyles such as art and music. Renzo Rosso, who is the top of the DIESEL creative team and the president and founder of DIESEL, published “FIFTY” as a commemoration of his 50th birthday. This book is about his biography and history of DIESEL, and tells ideas and concepts from the birth of DIESEL to now through a vision of the future.

One of the big reasons that have led DIESEL to its achievement today is the importance it places in creativity. However, in “FIFTY” the whole picture of the company which has been holding its unique imagination will be revealed first time ever. After reading this book, you can understand how DIESEL has applied its unique idea to everything – not only to clothing and accessories, but communication and interior design.

In conversations with luminaries such as Terry Jones (founder and editor of i-D), Kevin Roberts (worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi), Bono (U2), and his Holiness the Dalai Lama, you can see more about Renzo Rosso: his lifestyle, his family, his friends, and his passion for his work.

Under the editorship of the DIESEL creative team, “FIFTY” was created with design by Spanish collective VASAVA, and compiled text by British writer, Mark Tungate. “FIFTY” has five chapters: biography of Renzo Rosso; highlights of DIESEL history; innovative approach to retail and communication; development and support of young creative talent; and Renzo’s and DIESEL’s philosophy far into the future.

A special DVD is enclosed, which provides stunning fashion show coverage, brand’s award-winning advertising, and DIESEL’s best visual works. Nobody who cares fashion, pop culture, and brand identity can’t miss this book.

Specification: 222 pages, 29.5 x 37 cm, Color, Hardcover, DVD is enclosed.
Price: $150 / €98
ISBN: 3-89955-095-1
Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag

Text: Yurie Hatano
Images: Courtesy of Die Gestalten Verlag

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