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THINGSText: Yurie Hatano

In order to help eradicate and raise awareness about world poverty, the United Nations has created the messase T-shirt which will be sold from Gas As Interface. The shirts have been created with cooperation of many artists from all over the world, as part of the UN’s campaign around their MDG’s or Millennium Development Goals.mdgs6_p.jpg


The United Nations has created 8 MDGs to ” cut world poverty in half” by 2015. There will be one T-shirt for each goal, designed by one artist. There will be 8 message T-shirts and one logo T-shirt, so 9 T-shirts in total will be sold.

Goal 1. Bring people out of poverty and hunger (Adapter)
Goal 2. Make primary education available for everyone (Stefan Marx)
Goal 3. Provide more gender equality (Akiko Nakagawa)
Goal 4. Decrease the death rate of children (Alex Rich)
Goal 5. Improve health for pregnancy and childbirth (Kyotaro Aoki)
Goal 6. Prevent the spreading of infectious disease (HOMEWORK)
Goal 7. Promote environmental sustainability (Tomoki Kurokawa)
Goal 8. Take responsibility as an advanced country and as a member of the world (Jonathan Barnbrook)

For one T-shirt, 380 yen out of 480 yen (10% of the earning) goes to assist a project in the field to achieve each goal. 100 yen goes to Hottokenai an advocacy project (policy recommendation, educational activities from citizens) to spread awareness about the MDGs, and to help create leaflets, stickers, and postcards.

If you wear a T-shirt, then why don’t you think of what we can do to acheive MDGs and do it?

MDGs T-shirt
Range: artist message T-shirt 8 types (only goal 3 is in the making)
Size: Women’s; M Men’s; S/M/L
Price: 5,040 yen (tax included)
Sale: GAS online shop × MDGs
Production, Selling Agency: Gas As Interface
Support: UN Development Programme

Text: Yurie Hatano

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