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Swedish prime skincare brand OM-SE is a sophisticated and fresh approach to the industry. Inspired by the FODMAP methodology, which is a mode of action in symptom induction. Furthermore, transparency is the main concept of their business model for both product and communication: using plant-based organic ingredients exclusively, and an easy-to-use range of products. They stick to the Swedish business model by offering gender equality, affordable high-quality and design.
“We want to change how skincare is made and used,” explained Jenny and Jacob Huurinainen – the beautiful couple who just launched OM–SE from their office in the heart of Stockholm – We wanted them to tell us more about this exciting and necessary new approach to fill-up the gap in the yet to discover universe of the skincare benefits.

OM-SE founders -Jacob and Jenny Huurinainen Photo: Knotan

How did the idea to start a prime skincare brand come about?

It all started at home in 2016 when Jenny had enough of dealing with her unbalanced skin. OM-SE means ‘to care for’ in Swedish, so Jenny and Jacob Huurinainen wanted to create high-quality natural skincare that actually works. Inspired by the FODMAP methodology, Jenny began to create her own simplified yet potent natural skincare formulas. For the first time in her adult life, she experienced a balanced and radiant skin and didn’t feel the need to wear makeup. Jacob also started to use the products and got a glow that drew attention at work, and the business idea for a unisex skincare brand sparked.

How do you work together as a team?

We complete each other’s area of competence, that’s been key to doing everything ourselves – from the formula to packaging and communication. Being a small two-people team requires a dynamic full transparency and to fully trust each other and our different skills.

Photo: Mathias Sterner © OM-SE

Transparency is one main attribute in OM–SE for both the product and the communication.

Because OM-SE started as a project to create a product of high-quality for ourselves, we use ingredients which make a difference for the skin. We’ve carefully selected organic plant-based ingredients purely for their performance – never to fill out, creating a certain texture, colour, or seducing scent.

You can read all the ingredients with big letters on the bottle, which is not common for skincare products.

We are so proud of our ingredients that we print all them on the bottle, compared to lifting one or two active ingredients and hiding the rest as commonly done in the beauty industry. We highlight each and every botanical hero on our site. We believe using fewer products of high quality is better for your skin, wallet, and bathroom shelf space. Using fewer products also means fewer products manufactured and therefore less waste.

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