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THINGSText: Julio Cesar Palacio

“The first volume of TheOneWeekend Book Series is a diary of two sun burned Germans who tried to live 48hours in 24″.

This is the way R.J McCuskey describes the start of a project, that nowadays becomes the compilation book “TheOneWeekend Book Series” published by Actar.

Martin Lorenz was visited in Frankfurt by his friend Tim Faulwetter and proposed him to participate in The OneWeekend Book Series. After that first encounter, Martin continued with the volumes of the book hand in hand with other guest artist such as Rowan Joris McCuskey, Sune Ehlers, Kasper Riisholt, Rinah Lang, Elisabeth Schulze, Eike Konig and Yoshi Sodeoka.

So Martin left his studio for cafeterias, bars and streets of different cities like Berlin, Frankurt, New York, where he spend and shared 48 hours, normaly the only time he is not busy working.

One of the charateristics of these weekend collaborations, is that the participants are not able to work with the computer (the basic and favorite tool of graphic designers and illustrators). With this Martin and his collaborators return to other times when everything was created handmade, with collages and mixed medias.

But all this was just a point in the creation of the series, the main interest of Martin was to collaborate hand in hand with other artists and to share the creative process, something that rarely happens in the artistic work development, were each artist works sometimes behind closed doors, and the process dies in the studio, turning the final work into the only part that is visible.

In some cases, Martin does not even know the artist he invites to join him personally, just his works, so the uncertain was asure, and the only way of approach to the work was to improvise, with the excitement of not knowing the final result of the collaboration in all the cases.

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