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OFR System & R-Pons lauch a set of 5 expositions titled grid5,I visited the first of them, it was about Laurent Fetis so I interviewed him.

Who are you?

Laurent Fetis, Graphic Artist.

What is your background ?

I’ve started my studio when I was still in school.
I finish school in 1999 than I started to work for many interesting projects.

What are your influences influences ?

My current way of working is based on collaboration with other creators so the discussion with them create influences.

How are you work?

Its a permanent exchange with commissioners, so there is no typical working day. Recently We created a space in the office completely devoted to experimental projects an formal research, that we use for our current work. This research department was something I wanted to developp since a while and now its working and some of the productions let us guess a very new creative step for the studio. You could see some step of this experimental works in the OFR Show.

Can you introduce your actuality?

I just finish a book named "ABC+" avaible threw Die-Gestalten, you could see a T-shirt I’ve designed especialy for and I’ve just finish to design a book for Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec (2 french designers). I think that the film "CQ" of Roman Coppola (I did the graphic design and tittles for it) will be in theatres soon in Europe and Japan

What is your projets?

Now the office is working a bit more for music We’ve finish Beck Hansen Tour Poster and european cover of CQ soundtrack from Mellow, we recently finished design for Tahiti 80 new cover (in collaboration with Artist Elisabeth Arkhipoff) amongs many other projects. The next one will be to devellop the website, I’m ashamed because I was too busy to do something these last month but it will be the new important thing to do for next year.

What do you think about contemporary creation, today?

I feel a very fresh wave in music, more experimental and fresh towards musical creation process. But it’s the same for any creation fields, newcomers are much younger, so with unexpected and more recent cultural references, it’s very interesting to live that.

What sort of artists do you appreciate?

Elisabeth Arkhipoff, John Currin, Maurizzio Catellan, Martin Kipppenberger…

Can you leave a message to Shift’s readers?

Keep your eyes open.

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Text: Jerome Lacote

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