PLACEText: Peta Jenkin

Situated amongst the big-name high fashion outlets in Berlin’s Quartier 206 fashion district on Friedrichstrasse, the Little Red Riding Hood store shines like a dark little star in a galaxy all on its own.

Step into the light interior of the store and you enter not just a retail space but a philosophy which encompasses more than just a fashion outlet, but a creative collective under the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ name. While the store is predominantly a retail outlet, it also collaborates with artists, designers, photographers and musicians in art projects and events.

It’s a minimal fairy-tale setting, with white plastic wolves as mannequins and accessories draped off wooden cut-out trees. You can almost imagine Little Red Riding Hood herself hiding somewhere within this fairy-tale world, or perhaps she is the next girl that strolls into the store looking for a new wardrobe, turning from innocent girl to dark princess, befriending wolves and kissing frog princes, and fulfilling her fairytale destiny in a killer outfit which surprisingly, doesn’t cost the earth to own.

Part of the clothing store’s philosophy is to cater for all classes of buyer, with cute and affordable no-name pieces mixed with more luxurious pret-a-porter, all arranged according to style and colour. “There’s something for everyone” explains owner and manager Daniela Goergens. “We try to offer a range of items to suit all buyers, that fits in line with our view of the current trend directions, with a new and unique ‘story’ for every season.”

Photograph for the ‘Black Reality White Dreams’ story by Tina Winkhaus

This season’s story, ‘Black Reality – White Dreams’, reflects a shift toward ‘hi-tech baroque’, with white ruffle-collared shirts and structured black pin-stripe pants by the Little Red Riding Hood signature label, and geometric printed sweat tops by Danish designer Helle Mahdal. Princesses are taken care of by designers Husein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen, and tougher girls from the hood (or in this case, the ‘woods’) can relish the selection of street-wear and basics by Levis Red, Etnies, and Nike. Or find them selves sporting a hot pair of white, orange-edged Nike high-tops and black leather knuckle-duster gloves, ready to fight courageous battles with back-street goblins and any over zealous wolves that come their way.

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