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PEOPLEText: Satoshi Ota

Desperado is a select shop in Shibuya, Tokyo that has opened two years ago. The shop has got a massive window and it is displayed by many type of artists and designers every season. Whenever I go for a walk to Daikanyama area, I always stop by there. Unlike many other shops in the jumble Tokyo, you can enjoy the free and easy atmosphere at a garden with a doghouse in this shop.

The designer unit “enamel” has created direct mails of this shop since the shop opened. This DM is pretty impressive and I am the one who is always looking forward to receiving it every season. This is because there is a series story in the DM: a dog at a doghouse in a garden goes to an adventure.

“One day, a dog lost its way in the forest. The night came and the dog was really hungry. He found mushrooms and as soon as he ate them, he was in a wonderland. People’s legs came out from the grand as trees do and a shadow of oxen on the water seemed to be a human girl’s… a wonderland. However, he became a pig when he got back home. This is a funny story but to tell the truth, this is a fairy tale that a mother told her child.”

This is just my interpretation but the work made with a monochrome shadow picture but without any sentences and is expressed only in graphic has got a unique sense to tell a message. In addition to this, receivers can create stories as they imagine. This type of DMs with stories and messages makes people want to keep them without the matter of cool or cute.

“enamel” is a unit of a graphic designer and a bag designer started since 2001. They design graphic arts as well as bags, trousers and T-shirts. Each item is silk printed by hands and the difference of a subtle nuance is interesting.

It looks a bit feminine one but I use their bag when I go to a small trip. It is a good point that boys can enjoy of using them casually. I am looking forward to seeing the 3rd collection in this spring. The bags are available at shops and on the web.

Text: Satoshi Ota
Translation: Sachiko Kurashina

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