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PLACEText: Sayaka Kishi

Shoreditch, in East London, has boomed to be the one of the trendiest areas in London in the last decade. Cafes, bars and boutiques are busy with stylish youth on the street. In 2003, ‘No-One‘, a creative store with friendly atmosphere was opened in the heart of Shoreditch, attached to a cafe and bar ‘Old Shoreditch Station’.

No One

The cafe is always lively with people having a coffee-break after shopping and those working on their lap-tops in the daytime. Whilst at night it is bustling with groups of people that enjoy chatting over a pint. Not only a shop, but it is also hired as exhibition/project space by artists.


“We love to see young labels evolve.” This catch-phrase of the shop shows they are true to their word.
Not only do they sell popular labels such as ‘Cheap Monday‘ jeans and cult labels like ‘Karen Walker‘ and ‘B store‘, but also young designer’s that are about to be a hit.
Sometimes the buyers even pick up totally independent labels found from markets. Such attitudes have been leading London’s fashion scene to be at the center of attention and giving a spring-board for promising young designers.

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