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THINGSText: Aya Takada

A bit risky lifestyle which makes you feel to peep it out. For people who have raised their flexibility and have lost their own identity, bohemian lifestyles enjoying themselves look beautiful. It is because that most people want to be as they are but sarcastically, they adapt to society against their real intention.

Octavio Izaurralde, a creator of PEEP 5 shows pictures which describe slightly vandal life style of young people. It is like an album of real life of youngsters described with graffiti, spray cans, parties, drugs… and scenes of enjoying erotic play.

In every age, people are interested in people and envious of healthy grass of neighbours. Many people establish their own identity piling up the difference or similarity between other people. Recently, however, it’s not unusual thing to see stranger’s photo albums on a web site. Our interest to other’s private life is whipped up by TV programmes or web sites. It seems that people simply feel intimacy and sympathy, or enjoy fantasy reflecting themselves into other’s different lifestyles.

Snapshots from PEEP5 are taken by Matt Aiken who is active in Vancouver and a photographer, Dan Siney with digital or Polaroid camera. New York-based photographer Tim Barber used to stay with Aiken and Siney and described himself taking two of them as subjects. The reason why the pictures capturing youth culture vividly are interesting must be that we are seized by social rules or restraints and losing sight of ourselves so we find romance in young people who are enjoying themselves.

Photographs selected from PEEP5 are edited and made to a catalogue by Matt Aiken. It’s going to be sold at some skateboard shops or local book stores. His passion to even make a book will be shown in this catalogue as loyalty to his life. I want to find more Bohemian beauty in young people on pictures, who keep exploring themselves and live as they are.

Text: Aya Takada

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