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Today, I introduce you my friend Pascal Tarraire. I met him when I was student. He was a photography’s addict and he was student and the famous school of Photography in Arles. He practice a classic photography in a very singular way.

© Pascal Tarraire

Pascal Tarraire is a self-proclaimed bohemian photographer who trollops around the south of France shooting pictures and doing his best to sell them so that he can sustain his lifestyle. He shoots portraits and is an accomplished purveyor of the nude.

© Pascal Tarraire

He also shoots erotic imagery with the same creative splendor. Pascal’s approach is unique in that he approaches his work in much the same fashion as a photojournalist. He pays homage more so to Joseph Koudelka than to other artists of the human figure.

© Pascal Tarraire

As he says, “I try to shoot my pictures like a journalist would do, the only difference is that my subjects are usually naked. Similar to being a War Correspondent I wish to be a Shower & Bedroom Correspondent”. Amusedly, he adds, “If you’re bathing or happen to be in any kind of naked-situation, call me. My mission will be to inform the world of that event!”

© Pascal Tarraire

Now, he self-publish his own book, it’s titled “Corps Partages“. He sell it by subscription, if you want it, contact him!

Pascal Tarraire
Address: 438 Chemin de la Plaigne, 63500 Issoire, France
Tel: +33 (0)6 7195 9325

Text: Jerome Lacote

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