During the month of January, a three and a half week extravaganza known as the Fringe Festival took place in Hong Kong. It is an annual event that showcases art in an interesting manner. However, this year’s event has changed a slight bit. Not only has the name been changed to City Festival but the whole event has matured as well. Aside from having all the open programme like in the past, this time around there was a focus involved.

The theme for the event was “the City”. Its about one’s urban life and experiences and how that’s interpreted through the context of art. As a result, the structure of the festival was like that of a city. There were eleven programme blocks that were all interconnected and of course related to the theme. Each programme block had a focus of its own. Specific blocks include City Imagery, Reading the City, Old and New Age Hong Kong, and Satellite City Arts Fair.

Old and New Age Hong Kong for instance, was about the experience of the City. It was made up of several components, one of which being a tour that took the participant through old colonial Hong Kong. Exhibitions and performances were the core of the festival. There were more than 120 from Hong Kong, Australia, Britain, France, Japan, and the USA.

Aside from programmes, surrounding restaurants got heavily involved as well. Cuisines from all over the world were featured. As with any event in this day and age, internet involvement was a key component. Lectures, and radio programmes of news, previews, and alternative music were presented over the internet. Much of the content was broadcasted live.

This coverage of the City Festival lasted for the duration of the event and undoubtedly captured the spirit of the festival in its immediate and pioneering fashion.

Text: Mike Chu

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