PLACEText: Shinobu Koike

Once, I had a cup of coffee at a Hong Kong style cafe but it was too strong to drink it black and at least like coffee I used to know. Then I learned it can taste better with adding a lot of sugar and milk and actually that’s the way of HK style coffee.

However lately, I’ve seen some changes in HK people’s idea for coffee and cafe. In fact, more western style cafes have opened in not only Central where is already quite westernised but also other areas like Tsim Sha Tsui and Quarry Bay. Although Hong Kong style cafe has interesting culture by itself, for this time, I would like to introduce a newly opened cafe ‘Caprice’ with words of Anita who is one of owners.

Caprice is operated by Anita and Nicole. Its interior is unified by green walls inlaid with lights.

Anita said, “The interior and name card were designed by our friends designers whom we talked what’s our image for Caprice. And I play jazz CDs here because I like them. Of course, we welcome to hear customers suggestions, as well”.

This cafe is about 300sqft, not so large but this size seems working well to make customers to get know each others naturally.

“I love coffee. So I have been hoping to open own cafe. Since we opened this cafe, people have learned this cafe by word of mouth. Nowadays we have some regular customers. I hope people will enjoy drinking coffee and tea and feel at home with reading books, listening music and meeting people…” Anita said.

For Hong Kong’s hot summer, ice cappuccino and fruit flavour tea with tea ice cubes are recommended. Besides drinks, there are Caprice original snacks which Anita created and can’t be tasted in other places and in fact, these are very popular for customers.

The open windows and door facing to Kimberly Rd. attract passerby with a feeling of two ways communication.

Open: 8:00 – 1:00
Address: Shop D, 60-A Kimberly Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2721 0083

Text: Shinobu Koike
Photos: Shinobu Koike

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