PLACEText: Mike Chu

These days, finding access to the Internet is not difficult to say the least. If it’s not a local ISP, then it’s your cybercafe down the street. The scenario is not any different here in Hong Kong. Imagining a fully furnished cybercafe with all the trimmings in the middle of busy Kowloon isn’t too tough but what if one resides in an outlying island of Hong Kong, away from the more metropolitan areas?

Well, not to worry because off on Lamma Island, a place located just southwest of Hong Kong, a mini cybercafe can be found situated amongst a variety of restaurants and coffee shops. Even on Lamma island, a quite pleasant and tranquil getaway from the craziness of Hong Kong Island, reaching the web is of no problem. For the many residents of Lamma as well as for those weekend travellers that come to escape the stresses of everyday life, this cybercafe is more of an unique place to sip a cup of coffee and grab a bite to eat while researching info for one’s next vacation.

The interior is clean and simple. With its silvery blue walls and a very open and airy feel, it pleasantly stands out from the rest of the crowd. Located on the back wall are the four or five computers linked up to cyberspace for all interested patrons to use. If the web is a place you would rather not be, then you have the option to just simply have a seat and enjoy a sandwich while gazing at the passers-by. Whether you are there for the Net, the food, or just a relaxing fifteen minutes or so, its time well spent.

It’s only natural on Lamma Island, a place reminiscent of the old village feel but developing ever so quickly, that you would find a cybercafe where one can taste the days of old while simultaneously diving into the cyberworld. No matter what your interests are, most likely you will find the experience there an unique one.

Text: Mike Chu
Translation: Shinobu Koike

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