Imperfect, blurred, distorted and non-composed images always present a more infectious emotion. You may not agree with it … but at least to those Lomo-lovers it does! It is no doubt that Lomography has created a unique style of beauty for photography.

Holga, which is similar to Lomo, is one of the most low-tech machines in photographic history. The camera’s imperfections allow us to see the world differently. So, how would the world look like through the eye of Holga? Frederic Lebain, who is a French amateur photographer and autodidact in photography, traveled through Morocco, Japan, Portugal, Turkey, the United States and France and has made his “travel picture dairy” through Holga.

“I’ve been playing with Holga for two years. There are several advantages for you to play with Holga. You no need care about the camera seriously. There is no stress when using it because it’s cheap, made of plastic and light,” Frederic said. “And it’s easy to develop a large print for you to use 120 format.”

“Mes vacances avec Holga” (My vacation with Holga), an exhibition of Frederic’s travel dairy, is now showing at Agnes b in Hong Kong. All the pictures that were made with the plastic toy camera present the art of accidental photography and Frederic’s candid vision of the world.

Frederic came to Hong Kong for the exhibition opening. But unlike his previous trips, he did not take any picture with his Holga in Hong Kong. “I just observed around this time. I prefer thinking about a project before really taking an action. For the next time when I visit Hong Kong again, may be I will.”

Besides the exhibition, Frederic also held a workshop about Holga and exchanged ideas with the Hong Kong local photographers. “It’s very cool to meet the Hong Kong photographers and exchange different point of view with them.”

Frederic shared his advice and view on taking photo with Holga. “Be patient. The result may be disappointing for the first time. Just keep going and develop your own style. You could use 200 or 400 ASA film, or even 100 if it’s a sunny day … and of course, don’t forget to take off the cap!”

“I hope that people will find the other ways of taking photo with Holga and enjoy this funny and incredible camera!”

Mes vacances avec Holga by Frederic Lebain
Date: January 10th – 31st, 2003
Place: Agnes b
Address: Shop G02, The Sun Arcade, 28 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3841 6861

Text: Mlee
Photos: Mlee

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