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NEWSText: Aya Shomura

One Piece One Piece; Dress, 2016

One Piece One Piece; Dress, 2016 © OKAMOTO MITSUHIRO

A gallery, eitoeiko in Tokyo will hold a solo exhibition “69” by OKAMOTO MITSUHIRO. Takeshi Kudo, a curator of Aomori Museum of Art, curated “69”. Kudo selects 9 artworks from the artist’s selection, mainly from recent and brand-new artworks, and also he picks up 6 artworks from all of OKAMOTO’s artworks. At the same time a catalogue “69” will be published from Man International Press. The catalogue includes 69 artworks which are selected by the artist himself, from over 2,000 artworks that the artist has created from 1991 to 2016.

One of OKAMOTO’s recent artworks “U.F.O. unidentified falling object” got a smash reputation and the installation was introduced by newspapers and TV news last year. OKAMOTO considers that the art is a mirror. Art reflects the real world and it visualizes the invisible thing such as taboo, rights, racism, culture gaps, eros, smell, the dead and the spirit.

Yet his mirror has a little distortion by a filter – his sense. OKAMOTO distorted the whole world fairly, without bias, and visualized as painting, sculpture, video and installation. The world that he indicates looks grotesque. But visitors understand the prejudice in the society. OKAMOTO’s artworks depicts a caricature, irony with wit, as well as it delivers an admonition to our world. He explores the world and practices to find an undiscovered theorem. The artist works as like as searching for Fibonacci number from the nature.

And as a related talk event “Doesn’t it bleach too much recently?: OKAMOTO’s art works and today’s art in Japan that artist, editor and curator think” will be held at Aoyama Book Center on September 29th.

Date: September 10th – October 8th, 2016
Open: 12:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Sunday and Monday)
Place: eitoeiko
Address: 32-2 Yarai-cho, Shunjyuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81 (0)3 6873 3830

Text: Aya Shomura

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