HAPPENINGText: Ayumi Yakura

Clark Gallery + SHIFT is pleased to present the 5th Anniversary special exhibition called “Super Japan” Exhibition from February 4th to March 31st. It will show the new artworks expressing the traditional Japanese art such as Hanging scrolls (Calligraphy), Bonsai, Karesansui (dry landscape plants), Urushi (lacquer), Partition drawings (Japanese painting), Fusuma painting and Noh (sound) by 5 Japanese artists.

“超” (Super), Wabisabi, 2016, Kaou typography

Wabisabi who designed the title of exhibition is exhibiting hanging scrolls and partition drawings in a motif of “Kaou” typography. After the Meiji era, “Kaou” typography has never seen in daily life due to popularisation of seal stamps, but they incorporate not only kanji but also alphabets, designed to create contemporary “Kaou” typography beyond the signature role.

“God is in the details”, Wabisabi, 2014, Handmade Japanese paper, wood, inkjet printing

You can see words “God is in the details” written on a hanging scrolls which made by Wabisabi. The design represents the meaning of the words.

“Niwa”, Tomohiro Shibuki, 2013, Wool / “発光” (Hakko – Luminescence), Wabisabi, 2015, 1,800 x 3,600 mm, Japanese paper, wood, inkjet printing

In root of Japanese people, there is a way of catching something and loving it. There is a culture that expressing a great view of nature by using stones. The artwork which looks like a stone, Karesansui (dry landscape plants), spreading on the floor of the gallery, is an artwork of Tomohiro Shibuki which was made of wool as a material all the way down to the sand pattern.

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