HAPPENINGText: Yuka Nakamura (ARI)

Bloom Exhibition of Art + Scents

In the midsummer of Hong Kong, MADHOUSE Contemporary held a luxury exhibition of scent and art. This exhibition, named “bloom” in reference to the scent of a full bloom, closed on September 5th with a good reputation.


In this exhibition, 4 cutting-edge artists were chosen as the top talents of Asia: Meng Yang-yang, Huang Yun-can, Zhao Huan, from China, and Kanako Anamachy (ARI) from Japan as an all female group of artists.


It was the challenge of Shim Won, the curator of MADHOUSE Contemporary, to share the belief that female artists could keep working on their art without losing a sense of direction, despite the cooling of the art scene caused by the depression. Aroma candles and incense added essence to the works with feminine features, and they encouraged the success of the young generation.


“In NOHO, the new area of Hong Kong Island Central, galleries have recently been increasing in number. Among them, MADHOUSE Contemporary established in 2008 and staked out an extremely unique position, and continues to live up to its name”, the curator Shim Won said. She is only 30, but tells the artists and agencies who come to present their works the following words:

“it doesn’t matter how crazy your presentation is, only that you have fine technique and a strong will. If you can bring people round with your works, I’ll go with you.” She takes on the challenge of those who try to get engaged with art.


We are hoping MADHOUSE Contemporary will continue to provide a breath of fresh air into the art scene in Hong Kong as one of the leading galleries.

“Bloom” Exhibition of Art + Scents
Date: 15th August – 5th September, 2009
Place: MADHOUSE Contemporary
Address: G/F, 10 Kau U Fong, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2815 6007

Text: Yuka Nakamura (ARI)
Translation: Tatsuhiko Akutsu
Photos: MADHOUSE Contemporary

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