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PLACEText: Ayumi Yakura

Italy’s first ISSEY MIYAKE flagship store opened in Milan. The store’s design – “History and Future” – plays on the universal theme of innovation built on the past. Tokujin Yoshioka, the designer and artist enjoying the global spotlight since his work won the highest award at the 2017 Milano Design Awards during the recent Milano Design Week, envisioned the space.

ISSEY MIYAKE Flagship Store, Milan

Nestled among the traditional Italian architecture in Milano’s Mote Napoleone area. The store’s nineteenth-century, mansion exterior provides the “History”, while inside the aluminum interior’s “Future” conveys a contrast against olden times. Upon entering, gigantic, disk-shaped aluminum sculptures floating overhead spontaneously bathe visitors in transparent and unique hues. Green, orange, and blue symbolize nature’s energy field and seem to dye the garments.

ISSEY MIYAKE Flagship Store, Milan

With continuously innovative ideas, Tokujin Yoshioka explores lighting to focus on the relationship of nature and humankind, expanding the fields of design, art, and architecture. Tokujin Yoshioka’s 2017 installation, “SPECTRUM – Resonant rainbows radiate from prisms,” created a well-received, mystical experience through the Shiseido Gallery, setting new attendance records for the 1998 gallery.

ISSEY MIYAKE Flagship Store, Milan

From the 1,300 nominees entered in the Milano Design Award 2017 contest, Yoshioka’s and LG’s (the South Korean electrical manufacturer) collaborative Sci-Fi themed chairs and large-scale light wall won the highest award among the 40 finalists. The work merged technology and design, transporting visitors into brilliancy.

ISSEY MIYAKE Flagship Store, Milan

The impossible yearning to be in two places at the same time is the concept behind Yoshioka’s store design, “History and Future — Floating Orbs”. It raises the complexities of uniting the unseen future with the established past. This concept resonates with ISSEY MIYAKE, as its design merges technology with handicraft. This beautiful space is the perfect place for this concept to shine.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 19:00
Address: Via Bagutta 12, Milano
Tel: +39-02-781040

Text: Ayumi Yakura
Translation: Amelia Ijiri

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