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HAPPENINGText: Tomohiro Okada

One of the largest international furniture fair in the world that holds in the city of Milan every April – which we used to call “Milano Salone” – has been now marked as “Milan Design Week” on the world’s design calendars.

The exhibitions, which take place not only at the huge exhibition halls but also at the warehouses, the cultural institutions, and even the retail stores in the city shows the latest collections of the manufacturers and designers. They display often beyond the category of interior design. They propose the designs from various fields corresponding to the expectation of buyers and influencers, which come along with the trends.

This event is not just the interior design fair anymore. It is the trend source for the design professionals and the trend seekers.

The presentation that caught our eyes at 56th Milan Design Week was the one engaging with technology. Lately, especially for the Japanese large companies, there has been a tendency to compete with the abstracts, and somehow beautiful presentations, which related to each company’s specialization about technology, instead of the human cored design being the representation of the brand concepts.

This year, for the exhibitions to get good reviews, this tendency has shifted from the one that got closer to user-oriented concepts, to the other which conveyed the era of living under technology and design together by showing the overpowering spectacles and attractions. Anyway, the point is, the technology has finally archived to the equal position as interior.

A Korean electronic company LG’s exhibition designed by Tokujin Yoshioka represented the former tendency. Yoshioka amused visitors by creating a space of lights made by the display panels for a large television that uses company’s promoting technology, the organic EL, and the white illumination, which is its light source. The installation constructed by the assembly of the display panels played a rainbow gradation, and the white organic EL lights mounted on all over the wall created a glittering white space. Each component represented the LG’s current strength of their main products, and that turned into this dynamic light installation. The excitement brought by the esthetics and technology impressed many visitors and it won this year’s Milan Design Award, which is selected by the organizations of each design event that constitutes the Milan Design Week.

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