PEOPLEText: Aya Shomura

“Spring Issue – SAKURA”, 2016, process of production © Keiko Orikasa

Where did the ideas of candle come from?

As for the presentation for live and bridal, I think comprehensively about character of the performer, type of audience and venue with logic. For “Season Issue”, I decided contents from the feeling of seasons and balance of colors after discussion. Solo exhibition and thematic exhibition are rather freely decided. Depending on the field, ratio of subjective idea and objectiv ideas are different.
Oh, the question was where the idea came from, right? I’m not a type of idea man, so I always think and think and think it up.

Cross R&B vol.2, 2015, CROSS HOTEL SAPPORO © Keiko Orikasa

Do you have anything especially interested in your mind lately?

It may not be recent but I have been curious about Shogi (Japanese chess) for long time. It is probably my hobby. I usually think of candle all the time. Shogi is so difficult that it occupies my brain and that gives me break.
Nevertheless, I like “watching Shogi” and I rarely play. If I have time I sometimes resolve Tsume-shogi (similar to a chess problem). I feel the clearness for it because there is always victory or defeat. Most Shogi games take long time and particularly title match is really dramatic, taking or defense. That might be a little different form watching sports. I try to go to meeting for demonstration / interpretation and events related with Shogi. I luckily won an autograph by Shogi player, Manabu Yazaki before.

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Otaru Yumeji Tei Christmas Dinner “LIVE BLUE MOON vol.3”, 2015 © Keiko Orikasa

If your wish will come true, what will you wish?

I want a body that doesn’t need sleep, or magic that stops time during sleeping. I feel frustrated if I’m sleepy.

What will challenge you in the future?

Well, I want to improve my solo works. I believe that I can make more beautiful ones.

Lastly, please let us know your next plan.

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Text: Aya Shomura
Translation: Fuyumi Saito

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