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Keiko Nishiyama is a delightful young lady working as a designer. She first came to my attention through Fitflop, together with this company she designed iconic shoes some lines of which sold out very quickly. She invited me to her studio in London to check out her work and have a chat about it, as well as her background and about the ‘Cabinet of Curiosity.’

In Fashion magazines and blogs her name appears again and again as someone to watch, and she has wowed audiences for two years in a row at London Fashion Week. Clearly Keiko Nishiyama is a name to be noted, for there is no doubt this is just the beginning to a great career.


Please introduce yourself and your work.

I studied Fashion and Performance BA at Joshibi University of Art and Design in Tokyo. After working as an assistant designer, I studied Fashion womens wear at the London college of Fashion MA course in 2013. For my graduation show, I attended the Cat walk press show at London Fashion Week. This collection became my fundamental works that used by my hand drawn with digital print and draping works.

My creation was especially where the textile prints and draping works were concerned. I am aiming that my creations will give women the ability to gain another dimension and confidence both introspectively and physically. My first collection was inspired by a Picturesque garden which is connected to my fundamental concept called “Wunderkammer (Cabinet of curiosity)” that is the origin of museums today.  I am curious and keen to discover people’s enthusiasm and their collection of work (Cabinet of curiosity). 


What motivated you to get into the field of fashion design?

My parents used to take me to museums and theatre in my childhood, so it was natural to draw influence from arts. Before I knew it I found that I loved drawing and painting. Also my father often travelled abroad for business. He used to bring me unique clothes, painting tools and toys back, which I had never seen before. I was really influenced by a lot of beautiful colours and designs from different worlds. When I was a high school student, I used to hang out in Ura Harajuku with my friends; it’s a bit like Tokyo’s version of Shoreditch, and I was inspired by simply watching people. I found a way to get confidence while having fun wearing fashion with my own styling.

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