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A2 Exhibition Series One: First Aid – What Do We Need Now?

Sound and Vision Festival (SVF) has been held every year in Hong Kong since 2000, aims at exploring the inter-relationship of two medium, sound and images through both mainstream and alternative programmes, providing exposure for the local artists by performing in public, as well as inviting overseas artists for cultural exchange programmes.

In the past, SVF mainly focused on moving images like video and animation. This year, to widen the scope of vision, the festival has included 2D poster exhibition for the first time. A group of 9 Hong Kong artists, based on the creative theme ‘What Do We Need Now?’, designed a series of A2 poster to present their thoughts on the topic.

“Vision should not just cover moving images only, but also 2D graphic design and that’s why we initiated this exhibition as one of the programmes in the SVF of this year,” said Chau, the animateur and one of the participated designers of the exhibition. “We set ‘First Aid – What Do We Need Now’ as the main theme because we would like to find out what we really need now in Hong Kong after a chapter of social and political clashes in society.”

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