HAPPENINGText: Filip de Haes

Saloon Series, a one day event of ‘sound and vision’, took place at an old bicycle factory called the L’Avenir-Site in Lier, Belgium.

Illustrations and composition by Sabbo Verleye

The old factory was built around 1905. Its restored roof, a construction of glass and steel, allows daylight in. The natural light in combination with the industrial setting fill the exhibition rooms with the right atmosphere – neither dingy nor smooth.

Photo by Jelle Sluyts / The photography of Jelle Sluyts was intruiging because of its narrow framework

The exhibition featured several artists, all of which had their own compartment. As said in the introduction, vision (photography, illustrations, video) was accompanied by sound: live dj’s.

Untitled paintings by Leen Michiels, 2009 – 2010

The curators united artwork that didn’t need a lot of imagination or pages of explanatory text to be understood as art. That’s what made Saloon Series very enjoyable, without being boring.


Between the rain showers – august was really wet in Belgium – people were chatting in the garden at the front of the factory.

Saloon Series
Date: 29th August 2010
Place: L’Avenir-Site
Address: Sionsplein 19, 2500 Lier, Belgium

Text: Filip de Haes
Photos: Filip de Haes

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