THINGSText: Sachiko Kurashina

Filigree works on canvas, grafittis, skinny British fonts, two-tone posters, record sleeves, and silkscreen prints… A variety of many works are included in this book. Did you set any standards when you chose works?

Michael: I think the main standard is to grow, experiment, fail and try not to criticize. I am not into styles because you can not grow once you are set into a certain style. “Demnaifest” attempts to explore and experiment without expectations. If you design for yourself and not other designers or clients, then you will have nothing to worry about.

Steve: The beauty about producing a book like this is that you have total control of the content and you can set any standards. We had no real limits to the kind of work we could feature.

One site evaluates this book “Demanifest is an anthology as determined, eclectic and ambitious”. As an authors of this book, what kind of feeling do you have to this book now?

Steve: Like anyone you always see the ways in which you could have improved a piece of work. I’m very critical of myself and this can be quite frustrating so it was great to work with Mike who has great vision and is very driven.

Michael: No Comment.

Please tell us recommended points and points that you want readers to pay a keen attention within this book.

Steve: We had great fun producing “Demanifest” and so i hope that this playful approach comes across to readers. Above all I just hope that people find it entertaining and can take something away from the book.

Michael: There is nothing specific to pay attention to. You can flip through backwards or hold it sideways. As Steve said, we just want people to enjoy the book.

What kind of projects have you been doing since you became a freelance designer?

Michael: I recently finished a large redesign for Espn and Espn 2’s promo campaign.

Steve: I have been concentrating on Phantom: research foundation projects since I got back from Australia so I’m really keen to get stuck into some commercial briefs again.

Where is your most favourite place?

Steve: I am currently in England but I stayed with Mike for a little while in NY when we started “Demanifest”, I think that the book really reflects the influences from each country making it quite diverse. I’m really lucky to have lived in places such as Australia, Sydney is thriving with great design and fashion but gets a little overlooked by the UK and US. For me, it’s not where you are but the people that you are with, living next to a beachis a bit of a bonus though.

Michael: New York is pretty exciting right now. There are many amazing young artists doing some cool stuff. But I think a house with a barn far apart from here is something I will look to have in the future.

What kind of projects would you like to do in the future?

Michael & Steve: We have some interesting projects forming at the Foundation, an exhibition in New York in the summer and some live music events in London. We are very open to any proposals for collaboration in any medium and keen to work with people from diverse disciplines.

144 pages, 23×29 cm, Full colour, Coftcover
Released: March 2003
Publisher: Die Gestalten
ISBN: 3-931126-94-3

Text: Sachiko Kurashina

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