THINGSText: Naoko Fukushi

Brasil Inspired has recently been released from Die Gestalten Verlag. The book is filled with art from all over the world, with a Brazilian theme. It was compiled by Brazilian artist Nando Costa, who was profiled by Shift in a past issue.

Once you open the book, Brazilian images such as the jungle, football, carnival or other things which remind you of Brazil are found spread throughout the pages. The juxtaposition of inside and outside views of Brazil, allows each artist to present their very own style and attitude. The result is a series of dynamic works that enable you to see Brazil from different angles such as photography, street art and more traditional graphic design.

Brasil Inspired
Authors: Nando Costa, Miguel Vasquez/Masa
Editor: R. Klanten
Specification: 144 pages, 21.9 x 28 cm, full colour, soft cover
Released: October 2003
Price: $35.00 / £29.90/ €23.00
ISBN: 3-931126-93-5
Contact: Die Gestalten Verlag

Text: Naoko Fukushi

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