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Demanifest is a creative book that is full of artists’ original tastes in every single page. The book, produced by ex-members of Attik, Michael Spoljaric and Steve Johnston, has been released from Die Gestalten Velarg in this March. From fonts to silk screen works and grafittis… You will appreciate a great variety of art works in this book.

Please introduce yourselves.

Michael: After graduating from SUNY Purchase in 1997 I joined Attik. While at Attik, I worked on numerous commercial campaigns and branding projects. I worked there until 2002. In 2000 I joined Phantom: research foundation looking to further experiment increative projects. I am currently employed at R!OT Manhattan as a broadcast designer. Besides commercial work I also do a lot of painting. I also do broadcast design at R!OT Manhattan.

Steve: I studied design and photography at York in the north of England before working at the college in York, designing and lecturing. In early 1999 I formed the Phantom: research foundation as a vehicle to drive music and design projects. Joining Attik in late 1999 where I first met Mike who was working in the New Yorkoffice. Chasing the sun, I recently spent some time working in Sydney while we finished off “Demanifest”.

You have recently released a book, called “Demanifest” from a publisher in Germany “Die Gestalten Velarg” in this March. What trigger you to make this book?

Steve: A cheeky e-mail and booze fueled ranting.

Michael: Having worked on projects like Noise Four and Typography 21, we wanted to do our own thing without having to design under certain characteristics and expectations. Die Gestalten is one of the best graphic design publishing houses, so we felt that they were the right choice to work with.

Please tell us contents of “Demanifest”. Why did you choose a word “Demanifest”as a title for this book? Do you have any special meanings in this word?

Steve: “Demanifest” represents a kind of full stop, a point at which one body of work ends and the next “Manifest’s”. We needed to go through the process to be able to move forward. It is our first book and the start of a new chapter, the name is a statement of our intent to produce something fresh in each project.

Michael: The contents vary. There is not one dominate style, but most of the book has more of a personal handmade feel. The work is gathered from ideas, projects, experiments, sketches and scrap books of ours over the past few years.

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