PLACEText: Kanya Niijima

Last year’s Christmas here in the U.S. was the season of the Internet shopping wars. The rapid growth in the online mail-order business triggered start-up entrepreneurs launching newly developed shopping sites almost frantically. This trend resulted in a massive flood of their commercial campaigns seen on TV every few minutes. Virtually any kind of product is available nowadays through these shopping sites. Many of them feature only the most generic, mass marketable merchandise. If you are, however, looking for something different to satisfy the most eclectic tastes, your search on the net could get pretty bumpy.

Kleptomaniac.com focused on this growing demand for non-generic, hard-to-find items, specifically in fashion. They launched an online shopping site exclusively targeted for style conscious customers with cutting-edge gusto. The site offers a wide selection of rare independent designer labels from around the world. All items are handpicked by merchandising buyers from the San Francisco’s popular clothing stores “Rolo” and “AB Fits,” both leading retailers of fast-changing edgy street clothing for men and women. You can find the newest styles just off the street, from around the globe, including France (Aviatic), Italy (Diesel, Energie, Miss Sixty), Sweden (J. Lindeberg), Japan (Hollywood Ranch Market, Dope & Drakkar and Antipast) and over 75 other independent labels.

Kleptomaniac seriously looks at a new way of inventory strategy to make their merchandise always the most exciting. By intentionally limiting the quantity of each item, the store shelves on the site can feature the freshest styles from the world, instead of constantly recirculating the same old predictable items. For those folks who are interested in one-of-a-kind styles, or simply want to be noticed, Kleptomaniac.com may have definitive answers of what you seek.

Text: Kanya Niijima

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