NEWSText: Satsuki Miyanishi

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The solo new works exhibition by Shu Saito will open at Clark Gallery + SHIFT, Sapporo in November 4th. While he is involved in the field of art education, he finds small notices that repeat in the landscape of our daily life, and then reconstructs them with various colors and forms.


We notice “Casual sign” that we feel in our daily life, our relationships, for example, when we feel unwell, hit every single red light, have a reunion with someone many times. Though situation is different, Saito thinks that if we get these senses and intuitions as an “AIZU (signs)” and act without thinking, he recently realizes that natural flow will start from them.

In this exhibition, he reflected these “AIZU” into colors and forms straightly, and attempt to visualize as his new paints. He will be exploring mixed landscape with images and motifs, concrete and abstract.

Shu Saito Exhibition “AIZU”
Date: November 4th – 30th, 2016

Open: 11:00 –19:00 (Closed on Monday)

Place: Clark Gallery+SHIFT

Address: 2F MUSEUM, South 3 East 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

Tel: +81 (0)11 596 7752

Text: Satsuki Miyanishi

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