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HAPPENINGText: Mizuki Matsuda

Shuun; an artist based in Hokkaido, is having a solo exhibition “ANIMALS” at Cross Hotel Sapporo since September 1st, 2015. This exhibition is the volume 17th of the collaborative exhibition series called “MACHINAKA ART-X_edition”, presented by Cross Hotel Sapporo and Clark Gallery+SHIFT.

“mojamoja”, 1,300 x 1,620mm, 2015, Acrylics on Canvas

As you can assume from the title of this exhibition “ANIMALS”, visitors will meet some sort of creatures while enjoying the exhibition, but those creatures are all covered in shaggy, furry hairs. “Is this a dog? Or perhaps a beast?” Together with the rainbows of colors that seemingly flourishing from their each strands of hairs, sceneries you can see in the eyes of the creature stimulate your imaginations to the fullest.

“miiko to chiiko”, 1,000 x 1,610mm, 2012, Acrylics on Canvas

The white creature with backcombed unruly hair appears and stars you at the lobby; it is “miiko to chiiko”. In the cave-like screen, visitors are invited to see various seemingly random, vividly colored objects, such as blocks of colors, wires, some rigid-looking objects, and something that resembles a mascot of some sort. By looking at these, you can almost feel like this white creature, standing strong in the crowds of objects, is really about to strike a conversation with you.

“mojamoja”, 530 x 530mm, 2015, Acrylics on Canvas

The intriguingly colorful and furry series of works called “mojamoja” are hung on the wall at the left side of the entrance of “Meet Lounge”. If you look closely, you will learn that those hairs filling up the whole imagery are creating a mysteriously interesting flow, rather than creating a messy tumble. Numerous lines do not create this particular image, but layers and layers of hairs do. It is such a joy to appreciate a work that does not have a conflict of bright and dark colors. In the eyes of the creature, you can vaguely see something drawn in them but you cannot even tell the shape of it. I wonder what this creature is staring at.

“mojamoja”, 50 x 50 x 28mm, 2015, Acrylics on Wood

If you go further down in the lounge, you will see small series of “mojamoja”, a small rounded piece of woods, colorfully painted with acrylic ink. How this series of works are displayed is that they are scattered around in the space, and hung as if those are coming out of the wall. It makes the viewers to feel almost like those unique and beautiful creatures are peeking at you from between the trees in forest. It would be a fun experience for you to look for those creatures; they are waiting for you to find them at the hotel lounge, instead of a traditional white box gallery.

MACHINAKA ART-X_edition vol.17

Shuun Solo Exhibition “ANIMALS”

Date: September 1st – November 28th, 2015

Opening Reception: September 19th, 20:00 – 22:00

Place: Cross Hotel Sapporo

Address: North 2 West 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

Organized by Cross Hotel Sapporo

Curated by Clark Gallery + SHIFT

Collaboration: Machinaka Art


Text: Mizuki Matsuda
Translation: Mayuko Kubo

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