HAPPENINGText: Ayumi Yakura

The exhibition themed of “Sprout” as “the possibility of expanding the space of Art Park”, worked by 18 artists who are born or live in Hokkaido, is holding from July at Sapporo Art Park. You can see huge outdoor installation artworks at Open-air Museum and Park area (where museums and studios are). And there are 2 indoor spaces displaying Japanese painting, oil painting, and screen painting too.

Sprouting Garden

This logo mark is created by design team “Wabisabi“. Using the typography named “Hormon” is the represent work of them. At first sight, it seems to be far from the image of this exhibition, but also looks symbolising to the theme “sprout” when you look at it.

“I’m going and coming home again” Dam Dang Lai, 2014 Photo: © Yoshiaki Maezawa

At the pond in front of the Open-air Museum, there is a 7m hight installation artwork named “I’m going and coming home again” created by Vietnam born artist Dam Dang Lai. It is like the shape of the moment when accumulated underground life energy of the forest bursting out vigorously to the ground.

“Air Garden”, Ryo Yamada, 2014 Photo: © Yoshiaki Maezawa

Collaborating art, architecture and landscape design is well known for Ryo Yamada. Using material waste woods, a full-length 14.5m structure called “Air Garden” is set on a hill. When you look at the whole thing apart, it looks different to the scenery that you are used to.

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