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Leon Ferrari

In this Exhibition “Washi, Luz y Color” participated 28 renowned artists from Argentina and 2 invited Japanese artists whose works are conserved and have been exhibited in important national and international art spaces. For the show, each artist intervened a 30 x 120 cm of Japanese washi paper sheet. The work is mounted on a cubic structure 30 x 30 x 30 cm with a lighting system, showing at Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires.


The lighting effect delivers on the paper each vivid world which was freely created by 30 artists. The painting works with pastel or primary colors warm up this festival of light by their rhythm and energy; the drawing works show their sensitive lines and space through the light; the meticulous openwork based on delicate examinations of the relation between the light and washi paper creates an serene ambient space; the print works show the interesting effect of the light on their black colored forms which are almost getting warmer by the light. As you see, those are 30 distinctive worlds. In Buenos Aires, the exhibition is held at Centro Cultural Borges, and in Tokio, at the Instituto Cervantes.

Artists : Benabidez Bedoya, Nahuel Vecino, Renata Schussheim, Alejandro Puente, Josefina Robirosa, Adolfo Nigro, Joaquin Nigro, Luis Felipe Noe, Clorindo Testa, Carlos Arnaiz, Marcelo Bordese, Duilio Pierri, Maggie de Koenigsberg, Silvina Benguria, Fermin Eguia, Leon Ferrari, Marcia Svartz, Pedro Roth, Romulo Maccio, Hugo Freda, Juliano Borobio, Roberto, Diego Perrota, Isabel Espinoza, Sergio Mozcona, Yumiko Furukawa, Yuki Hasegawa , Daniel Santoro, Antonio Segui, Jose Caceres

Washi, Luz y Color Exhibition
Dates: September 22nd – October 7th, 2010
Open: 10:00 – 21:00 (Sunday from 12:00)
Place: Centro Cultural Borges
Address: Viamonte esq. San Martín Centro, Buenos Aires
Tel: +54 11 5555 5359

Text: mami goda

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