PEOPLEText: Victor Moreno

Please let us know how the opportunity of producing organically grown cactus leather-like material evolved.

This project came to be purely by chance. We read a small article in some newspaper about two guys who ran a cactus plantation and had started experimenting with using the cactus for fabrics. We saw the potential right away and hit them up!

Photo: Kristin Gallegos

Why in Zacatecas, Mexico?

Well, I guess because the nopal cactus is the most common plant in the region and that the climate and soil is well suited for growing it. Cactus need minimal amounts of water and nurture, it’s a true survivor of a plant, which is very different from cotton for example.

Is there any compromise in terms of design aesthetics, silhouettes or anything like that when working with this type of materials?

Initially the material had to be quite stiff so that dictated the types of silhouettes we could create; Workwear-inspired pants, straight fitted jackets and basic accessories. But now we are able to get the cactus material softer and lighter, so this opens up for dresses, shirts, shorts and skirts, you name it!

Photo: Kristin Gallegos

The cactus capsule collection was presented early this year with several nice looks taken in the American desert. Please let us know more about it, who shot it, what was the location and the entire idea behind it and making it happen like that…

This was shot by our friend Kristin Gallegos, based out of L.A. We have worked with her quite a lot and she has become part of the extended Deadwood family. We love to team up with creative people around the world and tap into their universe, they are like a group of friends, and so on. This shoot was very much in that spirit.

Photo: Kristin Gallegos

Deadwood™ breathes yet with a fresh modern approach vintage style just like if The Flying Burrito Brothers were wearing your garments. How important is it for you to keep consistent to the initial vision or do you see yourselves moving onto other types of inspiration?

I never want to get stuck in one type of expression. As soon as it feels like we are getting comfortable in one look or vibe it is sort of our thing to switch it up completely and try something new. But hopefully there’s a red thread that feels authentic, because it is. But don’t panic if our next shoot will be something completely different from the last!

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