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Örjan Andersson is arguably the most respected Swedish denim fashion designer. He is the founder of the denim brand Cheap Monday in 2000, which started off as a second-hand store in the center of Stockholm. Thereafter, four years later the store became a brand itself giving the name Weekday to the store in 2004. The concept took over the world selling in stores such as Barneys in New York and Urban Outfitters everywhere, among many others. Then in 2008 the Swedish Retailer H&M acquired Örjan’s concept – together with his partners Adam Friberg, Lars Karlsson, and Linda Friberg – both the Cheap Monday brand and the Weekday store. Nevertheless, Örjan’s life has not changed that much, he looks the same as always – a very nice chap, low-key, laid back, focused on what he likes the most: designing jeans. Hence he started out his own brand ÖA, namely Örjan Andersson. We spoke to Örjan to know a bit more about his brand and what is he up to lately.


Please tell us a bit about your denim brand.

Örjan Andersson jeans have been on the market for 5 years, it’s a jeans and streetwear brand with a handsome and clean rock-look combined with traditional jeans attributes.

Seems the current denim market is kind of overwhelmed with its extensive offer, many brands – whether they are street or more expensive ones – designing jeans. What is your take on that?

I have been in the jeans industry for 25 years and learn to focus on my own stuff. But my opinion is that jeans is the thing right now, that’s why you have a big variation of brand for the moment.

Do you think being a Swedish brand is still a positive thing for the savvy consumer?


What type of qualities are the most important for your designs and vision? 

A traditional jeans expression with a rebellious and independent feeling.

You created a collection adding reflective materials on denim. Please tell us a bit about it.

Yes, it was a co lab with a Swedish insurance company. It’s about being seen in the dark. The collection is including a bomber jacket, jeans, sweatshirt, cap and a beanie. The theme is a reflective outfit with a jeans and streetwear look.

What is the next collection concept about?

The autumn 2018 collection theme comes from the darkness of Satan and hell.


You have your flagship store Från Ö Till A located in the southern part of Stockholm. Please let us know about that space.

Independence and a feeling journey of discovery when you visit the store. It’s located at Södermalm in Stockholm the space is big and have 4 floors with rooms, angles and stairs. First time you visit the store you have problems to find the way out.

Do you distribute ÖA around the world?

You can find the brand in a few stores in Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, and the Netherlands. The largest assortment is found at my webshop.

Does e-commerce help to your business model?


Do you have any favourite fashion designers?

Hedi Slimane.

Does the brand embrace any kind of activities whether you are involved with the arts or music or anything else? 

Yes, arts and music and cultural activities always are a big part of the inspiration.

Please tell us any exciting plans you have for the brand in the near future.

The plan is to open one more Från Ö Till A store in Stockholm.

Text: Victor Moreno

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