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Mattson Family Art Benefit

The Surfindian is one of the surf/art galleries in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Featuring surf and art related items, the place is both shop and gallery and is located only a block away from the beach. The people in this area all seem like surfers and the beach town is filled with a laid-back atmosphere.


Surfindian presented a one-night only art benefit hosted by the Mattson Family. It’s a silent auction to help the Mattsons recover from some gnarly medical troubles. The Mattson 2 is a stylish duo formed by twin borhers, and famous for their jazz unit collaborated with a great skater and guiter player Ray Barbee. They did a live performance “Ray Barbee meets The Mattson 2”, which was totally impressive even for my second time experiencing one of their live sets.


The exhibition showcased many great surf/art works made by a lot of surf/artists including Yusuke Hanai, Andy Davis, an owner of a music label Galaxia and a producer of “Ray Barbee meets The Mattson 2”, Thomas Cambell and more. So many people came to the event and they enjoyed themselves until midnight.

Mattson Family Art Benefit
Date: June 26th, 2009
Musice: Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2
Place: Surfindian
Address: 4658 Mission Blvd., Pacific Beach, California
Tel: +1-858.412.5334

Text: Nico
Photos: Nico

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