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THINGSText: Editor

201˚  – W22 © DRAFT

The Tokyo based interior design company Draft has started its original brand “201˚ ”. As the first collection, it released 15 products including a booth that can easily create a space that people can concentrate on their works and a meeting bench ideal for casual meetings. It provides a basic hue color theme that fits to various spaces and products having an elaborate texture and detail of the material.

201˚  – COOM © DRAFT

The brand name means to broaden the 1 degree field of view from 200 degrees, which is said to be the average view of the human being. The naming and logo express the difference of 1 degree added to their products.

201˚  – QUILT © DRAFT

How to work regardless of location, how to work freely and share ideas… There are many scenes where new ideas are created, as we encounter something accidentally while communicating directly with people and thinking about something for them. 201˚  was born to revitalize communication leading to business and to respond to diversifying work style of interior design industry.


Text: Editor
Translation: Satsuki Miyanishi

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