HAPPENINGText: Filip De Haes

Cocoon 09
View from the Expo building, Brussels

The Cocoon fair calls itself the ‘Living and interior fair’. It is located in the Brussels expo halls. Their website looked promising.

General view inside

Sure, the fair hosts a lot of stands. Some companies sell kitchens, some sell furniture, some sell decorative stoves, some sell draperies, some sell candles… Each company presents its own specialty. Which might be good if you’re looking for a very specialized product – however you might just look up a shop on the internet and visit it, right?

Nintendo stand

A lot of stands sell products you wouldn’t expect on an interior fair. Nintendo is present with the Wii Fit and DS consoles… A lot of companies seem to sell jacuzzi’s you’ll never be able to afford. Why not buy a pool table to embellish your living room? It is however completely unclear why the National Lottery and the Thalys railway company have a booth on an interior fair. The term ‘living’ in the fair’s slogan is very broad. The only thing missing is a company of undertakers.

White Design stand

For those of you who wish to see beautiful architectural plans along with contemporary interior designs… well, a few stands might be interesting for you, like the ‘White Design’ stand. In general though, the fair is rather dull, stands are often monotonous, or they might fit in with the interior design of your grandmother’s apartment. If you want to see a shop that offers a blended mix of what can be a fresh interior, which is affordable rather than truly expensive, and in which you can spend a few hours wading around with ease, I would suggest you visit your nearby Ikea store rather than going to the Cocoon fair. It will also save you the ten euro’s entrance fee.

Cocoon 09 interior for all seasons fair
Date: 14th – 22nd November, 2009
Place: Brussels Expo
Address: Pl. de Belgique 1, 1020 Bruxelles

Text: Filip De Haes
Photos: Filip De Haes

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