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HAPPENINGText: Nicolas Roope

There have been countless stories of bankruptcy and buy-ups over the recent years in the world’s new media industry. Now it’s our turn and it’s nothing so dramatic.

At the accounts review a few weeks ago a few members of the group decided that they no longer wanted to continue working in the space. These members are more interested in research and experimentation than in maximising profits. We realised that with quarter of the group gone, we could no longer legitimately work as antirom.

The press release:
Antirom is diversifying into a number of affiliated groups under the antirom umbrella, each of which will develop specific aspects of antirom’s core business. We feel this is the best way to deal with a rapidly changing cultural and technological environment and is the most efficient way to release our diverse creative energies. Each group will be run independently of the others, but we expect a high degree of collaboration between affiliates operating within the antirom sphere. We will retain antirom web and mail domains and will continue to work on performances and installations as antirom.

There are three main companies emerging from members of the original group. One is Tomato Interactive. Another isn’t named yet but is made up of Andy A, Andy C and Joe. is company number 3; that’s my company. All three will be dedicated to quality, innovation and artistry as antirom was, although the specific areas of interests will differ.

The snooker table just went out the door. I’m out of here with all my stuff in an hour or so. Cardboard boxes scatter the floor. People keep pulling out old photos and references to things we did together years ago. It’s like breaking up with a chick.

We’ll all be out tonight at the Coffee House, smoking fat Monte Cristo’s and supping a few lagers.

It’s not over yet.

Text: Nicolas Roope
Photos: Nicolas Roope

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