THINGSText: Ayumi Yakura


KAMISHIMA CHINAMI / YELLOW, the second line of the brand “KAMISHIMA CHINAMIKASHIMA CHINAMI” from Hokkaido, is presenting original prints evolved from imaginary stories every season. Its concept of Autumn- Winter 2014 is “spiral of dream”.


Twinkle comet, darkness of the black hole, sparkling jewels, flowers in a curve, and lovely cats.. Various motifs are scattered roughly in a print “Graffiti Crepe”. It’s like scribbling random images which comes to a designer’s mind while thinking of beautiful design. A Japan’s cutting-edge ink-jet printer which can use 16.77million colors makes it possible to realize designer’s rich view of the world. There are 4 colors: off-while, lime-yellow, beige, and black. From feminine skirts and dresses to masculine pants, the prints broaden out the style variation. People who weighs heavily on wear comfort will love its soft wrinkle finishing rayon.


Another important print for this season is “Guru-moku wool”. It has a very unique design as if a designer draws her struggle of ideas’ coming night and day, spreading like clouds and billows. There are 2 colors: charcoal-grey and light-grey. Its soft and warm wool fabric will keep you from autumn&winter’s north wind.
A whole process of development of the patters, sewing different fabrics, and dyeing is done at a atelier. This persistency creates the brand’s feature: unique textures and impressive colors. This time a traditional processing techniques of a printing factory in Kyoto printed wool specially. 


The designer is Hana Sasaki from Hokkaido. “YELLOW” has started its collection from Autumn-Winter 2006. The name has meaning of peace and energy. Being free from stereotypes, she takes each fabric’s feature and function into consideration of her design. Even the patters are black or dark color, she gives them fresh forms. Her clothing can make those who wear them become active and bring brightness to people around even it’s a freezing winter. 

Text: Ayumi Yakura
Translation: Sayaka Ito
Photos: Tomoyuki Matsushita

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