HAPPENINGText: Taketo Oguchi

“Creativity” – a dispatch from Hokkaido to Asia

Photo: Takumi Yamamoto

Creative Hokkaido meets Taipei” was an event promoted by “Creative Hokkaido” – a project which aims to introduce the creative spirit of Hokkaido to audiences in Japan and abroad – and run by H.P. France in Taipei during NEW CITY ART FAIR. Following up from last year’s event, the tie-in took place from the 7 to 10 November 2013.

NEW CITY ART FAIR: Creative Hokkaido booth. Photo courtesy of Clark Gallery + SHIFT

Clark Gallery + SHIFT handled the creative direction of this project. Galleries located in Sapporo and who had previously partaken on Art Fair Sapporo, namely Gallery MONMA, SYMBIOSIS and Hanaagura, participated in the event. Works by Leo Fujisawa, Midori Kambara, Takuya Yonezawa, Masayuki Shinoki, Toshihiko Shibuya, Takanori Isago, Wabisabi were on exhibition. Though the exhibition’s goal was primarily to promote art made in Hokkaido, the artworks succeeded in connecting with audiences and sales were strong.

roomsLINK Creative Hokkaido booth Photo: Shoji Kasahara

Opening simultaneously to the art exhibition, fashion show roomsLINK featured designs by Kamishima Chinami/Yellow, ESTHER, the last flower of the afternoon, AI KOMORI and 24 Kirico. Looking to explore the emerging Asian markets, this show became fertile ground for promotion and business opportunities with the involved labels.

Miwa Yokoyama’s Make-up Tour with Bijin-Tokei Taiwan Photo: Takumi Yamamoto

Starting operations this year in Taiwan, make-up artist <a href="" title="Miwa Yokoyama” target=”_blank”>Miwa Yokoyama offered make-up services, in cooperation with Bijin-Tokei Taiwan. Her stall proved to be very popular, with customers lined up in front at all times.

Qrion, live at the opening party. Photo: Takumi Yamamoto

Qrion and Parkgolf performed at the Creative Hokkaido opening party. A 19 year old musician, Qrion garnered some attention with her fashion sense and responded to enquiries from the media after her set.  LeTao, a dessert shop based in Otaru, set up a stall in conjunction with KONAYUKI, a cafe from Taipei. Their collaborative efforts also became a hit with visitors.

Opening party tie-in event with Creative Hokkaido.

Presently taking place in Taipei, the event has plans to expand to Hong Kong as well. As a part of Creative Hokkaido, Toshihiko Shibuya’s new installation “Snow Palette 5” opened on 11 November 2013 at Otaru Canal Plaza and Old Aoyama Villa. The Creative Hokkaido Exhibition in Sapporo started in December at Cross Hotel Sapporo featuring Takanori Isago‘s Entrance Art.

Travel website Trip Advisor recently released their top tourist destinations for 2014, with Sapporo sitting on 7th place in the world (2nd in Asia) as voted by travellers from all over the world. This polls show the great potential that exists in Hokkaido; “creativity” can be used to add value to the local economy and help unleash this potential. This is Creative Hokkaido’s dispatch to Asia.

Date: November 7th – 10th, 2013
Place: Songshan Culture Park
Address: No.133 Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan
Creative Director: Taketo Oguchi (Clark Gallery + SHIFT)Partners: City of Sapporo, Hokkaido District Transport Bureau, Cross Hotel Sapporo, Hilton Niseko Village

Date: November 29th – December 8th, 2013
Place: Central Oasis Gallery
Creative Director: Taketo Oguchi (Clark Gallery + SHIFT)
Partners: City of Sapporo, Hokkaido District Transport Bureau, Cross Hotel Sapporo, Hilton Niseko Village

Creative Hokkaido Exhibition in Sapporo
Date: December 1st, 2013 – February 28th, 2014
Place: Cross Hotel Sapporo
Address: North 2 West 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Tel: +81 (0)11 272 0051
Curation: Clark Gallery + SHIFT
Supported by Machinaka Art, Shoubunsha

Toshihiko Shibuya Installation “Snow Palette V”
Date: November 11th, 2013 – End of Winter
Place: Otaru Canal Plaza, Old Aoyama Villa in Otaru
Curation: Clark Gallery + SHIFT
Supported by Otaru Tourism Association, Hokkaido Shinbun Press

Text: Taketo Oguchi
Translation: Rafael de Lima
Photos: Takumi Yamamoto, Shoji Kasahara

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