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We can rarely find the clothes that meet both male and female desire perfectly. But here “MODEMENT” can satisfy those people loves unisex, gender neutral looks. “MODEMENT” is a Hong Kong’s fashion brand that carries a home concept to promote “100% made in Hong Kong and designed by Aries Sin. Most of her collection is strongly influenced by the multi-faceted culture of Hong Kong, ranging from hybridized city landscape to vernacular food stores. Since its establishment, “MODEMENT” has been the favorites of local celebrities and now expanding its market through online shops.

Aries Sin © Courtesy to MODEMENT

Please tell us about “MODEMENT”.

Our Creative Director, Aries Sin found “MODEMENT”in 2010. The word “MODE” is coming from the Chinese word “墨”, means graphite and “MODEMENT” is a combined word of “MODE” and “MOMENT”. Graphite is the most natural color in nature and is a mono tone color, Aries wants to present her fashion is inspired by nature and daily lifestyle. And “MODEMENT” means our fashion shall not be bounded by timeframe, it’s our “MODEMENT”!

MODEMENT 2014 SS © Courtesy to MODEMENT

What is the most important thing “MODEMENT” think for fashion design?

MODEMENT crafts unisex image for both gender (with a rare emphasis on menswear) by using slim cut and outstanding silhouettes. Most of our collection is strongly influenced by the multi-faceted culture of Hong Kong. It is of essence to MODEMENT that every single piece of fashion carries a meaning of its own which inspires, communicates and finally enhance the wearers. We hope people may see some Hong Kong’s culture from our fashion.

MODEMENT 2014 SS © Courtesy to MODEMENT

What are the inspiration sources for MODEMENT’s clothes?

MODEMENT is inspired by our daily life and Hong Kong’s culture.

Our previous collections “The Place We Lived,“The Route We Walked”and “The Eggette We Ate” are about Hong Kong’s living culture (See attached portfolio for details). Also, our latest collection for 2013-2014 A/W is about tree shadow movement under sunlight.

MODEMENT 2014 SS © Courtesy to MODEMENT

What projects have you been working on recently?

Our latest collection named“Shadow Movement. This series is inspired from the dancing tree shadows we see under strong sunlight. They got no roots and are free to move around provided there is sunshine. Aries tries to combine that layering effects with the tile pattern commonly found on estate walls. By mixing the various thickness of leather and beads, images of shadow are being enhanced and emphasized onto digital prints.

This collection was first previewed in “Hong Kong Young Designer’s Contest 2013”.Also, Aries participated “Design September” in Brussels, Belgium.

MODEMENT 2014 SS © Courtesy to MODEMENT

What is the brand’s future plan or challenge?

We had a fixed base in Hong Kong. And for the coming years, we are stepping out of Hong Kong and let “MODEMENT” go to Asia. Our first checkpoint will be Tokyo, Japan! We will join our first trade show in Japan, “roomsLINK”in Tokyo. We hope to bring “MODEMENT” to the international stage and let more people know about us. As usual, we love to collaborate with celebrities and artist on some art show. Thru these special projects, we may prove “MODEMENT” can do more than fashion.

MODEMENT 2014 SS © Courtesy to MODEMENT

Please give a message for Japanese readers.

“Hello Japan! Are you ready for the impact of “Unisex” from MODEMENT?”

TEL: +852 2817 3618

Text: Kanae Tamase

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