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THINGSText: Satsuki Miyanishi

To create products worthy of promotion.

Advertising design company Taki Corporation sells design products such as colorful and a unique styled notebook and a rolled picture book on the website as a brand, named “Taki Products“.

The young designers around twenties can relate to people’s want and needs on the productrs, thus, Taki Products are created to bridge relationships between people.

#000, A Sheet Of Paper, Sometimes A Hanger (Not for selling)

“A Sheet Of Paper, Sometimes A Hanger” is a card board turned into a hanger form after it was cut out. You can hang a scarf,glooves,ties, handkerchief, other light clothes and other light weight clothing stuff. It is useful at home and the office. furthermore, we can bring the paper hanger on trips provided we keep it on an A4 sized clear file book. We can also paint the hanger since its color is a plain white.

#001, Layered Note

“Layered Note” is a peculiar shaped notebook that looks like a sheaf of colored paper that are put out of the position in layers. The shape works an an index. The five colors are useful to write the description differently by purpose. The paper was made of colorful and in fine quality. It is designed for you to enjoy writing any topic and associate them with colors like writing these notes: “This description is red” or “This is yellow”.

#002, Emakihon

“Emakihon” is a new-look rolled up picture book. The story of the book progresses on the long paper length of 2.5 m. We can enjoy opening this book in the special big event on a special day or use it as an interior decoration. Also the book was cut carefully and designed to project stories, so if you shed some light, you can enjoy a long shadow of picture story that you have never seen.

#003, Scart Backle “Suite Of Cloth”, Sun / Horizon / Moon

“Suite Of Clot” is a scarf buckle which is made of paper to enjoy fashion using only one piece of cloth. It extends the enjoyment of using the buckle with the hole of three. You can wear with a stole, a necktie on a neck, a shoulder, a waist, a hut and use as a waist band for kimono. It is possible to use in various ways depending on the fashion style coordinates and the ocassion.

#004, Rakugaki Clock

“Rakugaki Clock” is a paper clock kit that enables one to make an original clock easily using different forms of art. The material is a kind of craft paper, so you can scribble anything using a pen, color pencils and crayon. Also you can make an original clock by using a different idea like a collage of photos and pasting of cloth and other materials.

Would you like to add these unique arts stuffed by unique ideas in your daily life?
Through these items you will encounter or discover something.

Text: Satsuki Miyanishi
Translation: Yuki Sato

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