THINGSText: Mariko Takei

Breathe life into old books with a HONBACHI.


You should check out this new type of flower pot, HONBACHI released by the design company Tokyo Pistol. HONBACHI means “book pot”, and as its name suggests, HONBACHI is made from books as flower pots, reusing old to-be-trashed books, that deteriorate after many years. We introduce here HONBACHI and how one of the major paper products, books, are recycled and re-purposed as new products that will add spice to your life.


After participating in an exhibition called Hana to Hon (Flower and Book) held at Miyamoto Saburo Annex of Setagaya Art Museum earlier 2009, book-lovers at Tokyo Pistol started to think about the fun of using flowers and books and then got an idea to create HONBACHI.


Having their eyes on old books that are out of distribution and without value in used book shops, they started to create HONBACHI, first selecting books with character. All books are hollowed out for putting soil. You can select your favorite book from the wide range of the book selection of different sizes, colors, thickness and genres including dictionaries, collected editions, history books and more.


HONBACHI will be delivered in a box that comes with a kit including a pot which you can choose from the 3 different sizes of small, medium and large, soil and a seasonal plant. As you water, the book gets more antiqueness to it. HONBACHI can be ordered via email (order/shipping in Japan only).

You may ask them to make a custom-made HONBACHI for a little extra fee (from +1,050yen). It will be a nice idea to breathe life into your favorite book as your own original HONBACHI, if you have a book that’s been sitting on your bookshelf forever.

※Due to the quarantine issue, unfortunately we are not be able to send this product overseas because it contains plants and soil.
※Currently applying for a utility model right.

Price: HONBACHI Set of 3 (a book, a plant, soil)
Small 6,300 yen / Medium 8,400 yen / Large 10,500 yen
Inquiry: Tokyo Pistol

Text: Mariko Takei

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