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HAPPENINGText: Kanya Niijima

As if the skull logo implies a renegade spirit of a pirate radio station, KUSF is a college station provided by the University of San Francisco. Located about a mile from Haight Street, the signal coverage is only a few miles in radius, yet it is well renowned among the locals for its unique selection of indie music which is not likely available from the major commercial stations.

One of the must programs to check out is Future Breaks, a 2 hour session of drum’n’bass signals starting from 15:00 every Saturday. Three regular artists, Arc Angel Gabe Real, Miss E, and DJ Push present tight mix sets of the latest sound pulses from the global drum’n’bass underground, featuring occasionally both domestic and internationally known DJs, from such as, Formation Records and Good looking Records in UK.

In the program of November 27th, celebrating their 100th broadcast, A Guy Called Gerald, a founder of Juicebox Records in UK, joined this special Future Breaks session. As an ex-keyplayer of 808 State, it was not known until recently that Gerald was the original member who wrote Pacific State, a UK techno classic that smashed worldwide in ’89. Gerald presented at the Future Break studio the latest tracks from his new album on Stud!o K7 as well as an intriguing story of his progressive process through the electronic music scenes.

Future Breaks stocks the archives of the past programs on Radio-V. For those who are interested in KUSF, check out their site for the net casting to the world in conjunction with Yahoo Broadcast.

Text: Kanya Niijima

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