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Pixelgarten, from Frankfurt, which again got attention from art world as they did the cover design of ‘form’ for the 50 anniversary issue of the magazine more and more. They have been together for 3 years by now, the inside of their head are full of interesting idea. You will find the difference between the interview we did before.


Please could you introduce yourself to us?

We are Catrin and Adrian from Pixelgarten. We live and work in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We got to know each other while studying at University of Applied Arts Offenbach. Since 2004 we have been working together on different projects under the name Pixelgarten. Both of us have a fine art background which definetly influences our work and the way we work. Our projects are sometimes inbetween fine art and design.


Since we had an interview with you last time in 2004, how have your activities changed?

Our activities have changed a lot! Last time in 2004 Pixelgarten was at its beginning. Now Pixelgarten has grown into what you could call a “multidisciplinary” studio. We do not only work in the fields of art direction, graphic design and illustration – we also still work on our own self-initiated projects.


Please tell us about your recent works/activities?

One of our most recent works was a cover design for the book Tactile. We were asked by Die Gestalten Publishing to design the cover of their upcoming release “Tactile – High touch Visuals” which will also feature some of our work. The book shows how graphic design is moving into three-dimensional objects and products, which we think is a very interesting topic. The book will be available in the end of September.


The projects “Hoehenluft” and “Evertxt” (a black and white poster Magazine) are part of a project dealing with myth and storys about the legendary world of Mount Everest. “Hoehenluft” is a series of fictional illustrations whereas Evertxt Magazine shows drawings and texts about real Everest expeditions.


The Dieselwall was probably the biggest drawing we ever did – on a huge, 500 square meters wall in Berlin Mitte we placed a drawing using 1500 meters of electric cable. It was a temporary monument for five musicians – you possibly recognize them when you see the drawing. Their eyes were glowing pink in the dark.

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