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The very first cover design for SHIFT 2010 is a work by Natsuki Arai who has worked on the visual for the last page of SHIFT 2010 Calendar. Based in Tokyo, Natsuki Arai has been working on illustrations as an individual creator and also as one of the members of Tokyo Illustration Center, exploring his works with sophisticated lines. We interviewed him about his recent activities and works.

Natsuki Arai

Please introduce yourself.

Natsuki Arai. Born in Nagano, I am 23 and currently live in Tokyo. I am a member of Tokyo Illustration Center and work on my individual works as well.

Submitted work for “Soen Award” / Natsuki Arai + Yohei Onuki

What you have done for your creative works so far? Please let us know your recent activities.

I won the grand prize for the second Illustration Competition “NOTE-TEN”, exhibited works at the Japanese fashion brands joint show held in Paris, and did exhibitions as Tokyo Illustration Center. Recently I showed my work at an event Voilà, Vantan! held at the old French Embassy.
Also, a fashion designer Yohei Onuki and I have entered our collaborative work for the Soen Award Competition and passed the first screening and we are now working on the next stage.

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