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The designer for this issue’s cover is Chisato Shinya. Chisato will hold her second exhibition at Soso, “Imagine Story” in March following last year’s great success “Visible Shapes/Invisible Shapes”. She is broadening her working field not only in Japan but the world as proved by her recent contribution of the illustrations to “Grimm” published by Die Gestalten Verlag.

Could you introduce yourself?

I was born in Sapporo and still live here. I loved drawing from my childhood and kept drawing even as I entered school. When I started working for a company, I realized that I couldn’t keep drawing in the company so I changed jobs and began working at a design company where I worked for three years. After that, I turned to be a freelancer.

What is your current activity?

Magazines, advertising, wallpaper for mobile phones, web… I did an illustration for a fairy story book “Grimm”, which I was longing for and a package design for a music DVD.

In March, you are going to have an exhibition at SOSO. Could you tell us the details behind it?

This is the second exhibition at Soso followed by “Visible shpe and Invisible shape”. This time’s theme is “Imagine Story”. To tell you the truth, there is a story behind the illustration that will be exhibited, but it’s a secret. I gave it this title because visitors imagine the story on their own. In the feedback of the previous exhibition, there were a lot of individual stories portrayed by individuals as a result of my illustrations. Someone even gave a name to my character! I enjoyed it a lot. Participation to “Grimm” is also the one of the triggers for this idea.

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In the opening event, you invite Kimiyoshi Futori, who has also held an exhibition at Soso before, and Kentaro Hamasato from SAL magazine/Nipponia Electronica. Could you tell me what’s happening in this event?

Kimiyoshi and I do a live drawing on our Mac mutually and the process is projected to a white wall, while Kentaro creates sound. Our illustration might be changed by an inspiration from Kentaro’s sound or our illustration might inspire him. It must be an unique collaboration!

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