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Ladies and gents, you are entering a wonderful and exciting world. Here I am reporting live from South America; more precisely, I’m located in Bogota, Colombia, but from this moment on I’ll be your guide to this territory: Latin America.

This is going to be a new feed that will take your eyes to the ideas, productions and events happening in Mexico, Costa Rica, Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina, to start with. For today, let me introduce you to what is going to happen here, and what could you expect. In the meantime, I’ll be throwing some links to open your appetite.

We live in the land Colon found in his 1492 trip. The one that gave the world the legend of El Dorado, and still amuses visitors with pieces of what was built here during those days. A long time has passed and now we still have many legends giving shape to our countries, and making the world move.

Here technology has taken place in a different way than the rest of the world. For example, we have more cell phones than ground lines in most of our cities, and some of the users jumped from mouth to mouth talk to satellite messages communication. No stops between.

Thanks to our geographical situation, we almost don’t know what is a season and most of our countries live in a permanent spring, or summer. This leads to a very particular way to produce fashion, furniture and architecture. And, in the end, to live life.

Our graphic tradition has been developed mostly on the streets, leading to an explosion of color and meanings leaking slowly to our graphic designers and communication experts to provide them with rational meaning. Long ago the names of Frida Kahlo, Fernando Botero, Jesus Rafael Soto (amongst others) placed our countries in the world of art, as well as the words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda or Mario Vargas Llosa brought literature travelers here. But, what is happening these days?

Maybe our music has arrived to your ears mixed with electronic beats in the recent past, but the tradition goes back to the tropical beats of merengue, salsa, cumbia or the elegant cueca, tango and the powerful corridos. This reports are going to immerse you in these rhythms, a central part of our daily lives. But, of course, the latest riffs of electric guitars, shaking hips of Shakira wannabes and blips from computers that make our parties set on fire are going to have their place here too!

In the midst of economic growth and social changes, we take time to dream and build our future. So, there’s always something going on.

Ok. This is the offer. Hope you all enjoy the trip.

Shall we start?

Text: Xpectro
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